New Jeep Wrangler: The first facts

New Jeep Wrangler: The first facts

By the end of this year, Jeep unveils the whole new Wrangler. Now we can reveal the first specifications.

The current third generation Jeep Wrangler is now 10 years old and so it’s time for a completely new model. This will be unveiled 28 or 29 November, on the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show. The offroader is therefore taken into production and will come to Europe at the end of summer 2018.

First facts

Different sources already bring out the first details about the newcomer. For example, the British magazine AutoExpress spoke with Jeep topman Mike Manley, who thinks we’ll be “surprised” by the extent to which the brand has succeeded in improving business like skills, economy, driving comfort, sound. Although Jeep – because of its robustness – still uses steel, the new Wrangler would weigh a lot less.

The iconic basic design, with the rear-mounted cabin, slotted wheelchairs and the grille with seven exposed beams. A number of design details of the concept car Jeep Switchback shown earlier this year are included in the Wrangler. It’s about things like the light units and the ‘donut’ doors.

You will be surprised at how much we’ve been able to improve business like skills, economy, driving comfort and sound

Novelties such as a start button and a start / stop system appear from photos and brochures, leaked at a dealer meeting and published at the JL Wrangler Forums . What is worth mentioning is the so-called Power Sliding Hard Top, an open sliding and possibly even removable roof.

Ready for electrification

At the American showroom launch, the Wrangler will be offered with two engines: a renewed 3.6 Pentastar V6 petrol power source (currently available in the Wrangler 284 hp) and a new 2.0 four-cylinder turbo engine with the nickname Hurricane – a nod to the legendary Willys Hurricane engine From the classic Jeep CJ. At the end of 2018 a 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine for the Wrangler will appear.

Interestingly, the new Wrangler platform is ‘future-proof’ – ready for hybrid or electric drive. Topman Manley: “We have such plans and we have the technology.” In an interview earlier this year, also with AutoExpress , he suggested that Jeep investigates several options, “from mild 48 volt to full electrical”, but that he considers that latter option inappropriate for the Wrangler. Hybrid drive, “because of its features”: in addition to the available torque, the vehicle control would also help. We are curious…

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