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New Jaguar Future-Type Concept Explores 2040 Mobility

Jaguar has revealed the new concept called Future-Type, which shows how mobility will evolve in 2040. According to the British, in 2040 we will have cars just like this Jaguar Future-Type.

They will have three seats on board (located in the front for convenient communication between passengers), will be electric, as well as autonomous.
Such vehicles can be ordered remotely, and they will come to you on their own. The car will take you from your home address, will take you to the desired destination. After that, it will go to another passenger or to the charging station.

These vehicles will communicate with each other, which will allow them to move closer together, resulting in reduced congestion and increased safety. Due to its compact dimensions, the vehicle will take up little space on the road and in the car parks. However, this vehicle will not be available for ownership.

The manufacturer will have a huge fleet of such vehicles, which it will manage and maintain in a perfect technical condition with permanently charged batteries – removing the things that usually give us headaches.

The only thing we can own is the wheel. The latter will not be a simple steering, but a clever Sayer steering wheel named in honor of one of the most prominent designers who worked for Jaguar (between 1951-1970), Malcolm Sayer.

Unlike most manufacturers who are heading for a world of self-contained cars without controls, Jaguar hopes that in the future the steering wheel will be a gadget useful for driving enthusiasts who occasionally drive the car for pleasure.

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