New Ford Focus RS Official Info And Photos

Ford is preparing to make history again in the hot hatch segment. After the old generation Focus RS, the first compact with over 300 horsepower transmitted only to front axle, was a real commercial success the Americans are now ready to rewrite the rules of this segment again.

The new-generation Focus RS, officially unveiled at a press event held in Koln, has in it sights the current Volkswagen Golf R and its commercial success. Note that the RS is a pattern with 30 years of performance division history.

The model of the Blue Oval relies on a number of aesthetic changes that are normal for a performance car. The front part received a bumper with new air intakes, designed to better cool the engine, which also betrays the visible part of the intercooler. The optical blocks keep the lines of the series car but were supplemented by vertical LED daytime running lights.

Also, the radiator grille has changed while the hood was strengthened with new ribs. There were air intakes on the hood, but were dropped because the officials did not want to make the Focus RS a boyish car for tuning enthusiasts.

Retro looking wheel rims, the exhaust with two generous endings and an oversized spoiler, sides which have engraved the RS logo (inspiration from the classic Ferrari F40) complement the look of the sporty compact.

The American designers were forced to create an aggressive car, but functional. No design details without functionality were added. All the aesthetic accessories are designed for an aerodynamic role. Even the rear deflector, which is a copy of one found on the old RS, has a role to optimize air flow.

The new generation Focus RS was presented in a special color, Liquid Blue, used in the case of the Ford GT concept from Detroit too. Unfortunately, this nuance will not exist at commercialization, as there will be no Ultimate Green of the old generation. The customers will have to be content with Nitrous Blue, Stealth Grey, Absolute Black and Frozen White.

The prospective customers of the new Ford Focus RS will benefit as standard from alloy wheels rims measuring 19 inches, Brembo brakes, sport tires, Recaro sport seats, a special steering wheel, aluminum pedals, and the SYNC multimedia system. The list of options will see navigation Recaro shell type seats and semi-slick tires.

But the most important detail is aimed at the engine compartment. Under the hood we have a 2.3-liter EcoBoost powertrain similar to that found on the new generation Ford Mustang. However it differs through several components. The unit, which reaches the red zone at 6,800 rpm, is ready to develop 320 horsepower, handled by a four-wheel drive and a Torque Vectoring system.

All Wheel Drive was preferred to the detriment of front only traction. That’s because the old RevoKnuckle front suspension, capable of supporting up to 350 horsepower, adds about 20 extra kilograms to the model. The engagement of four wheels is combined with the Torque Vectoring system, which alternates the torque distribution between the two axles.

Ford did not disclose details about the performance. However, the idea circulated that the Focus RS could accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds, a time better than that offered by rival Volkswagen Golf R, which gets 4.9 seconds.

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