New 2017 Jeep Compass

With new Jeep Compass anything is possible. It is a city car and rugged terrain in all-in-one. Is that possible? In the Sintra National Park near Lisbon we find the answer.

In the bustle of Lisbon’s new Jeep Compass already proven itself as a fine car to be along the way. The great styles limit the visibility around somewhat, but there are all kinds of warning systems that make you see nothing overlooked. The new Compass steers pleasantly light and can be easily moved along the honking Portuguese. Once the winding coastal road surfacing shows the new SUV Jeep also there in his element. The focus is obviously higher than a hatchback but the Compass is fixed on the road and slopes much about. Comfortably ‘ie, if you hard over a threshold is even remain as coach. Not in a bad way, it fits the comfortable character of the car.

Somewhere along the shore, I turn right angles to the ground. Although the Compass is especially suited for use on the road, he knows how to handle the rocky goat paths. It is to watch out, the ground clearance of the normal version is limited. For this type of off-road exercises is the rugged Trail Hawk version more suitable.

170 hp diesel power

The tested Jeep Compass has a 2.0 Multijet engine and is the most powerful diesel with 170 horsepower that you can get. The SUV with the engine smoothly, but I wonder if the 1.6 MultiJet with 120 hp, the entry-level diesel is also sufficient to get a little walk in the Compass.

Jeep Compass price start from 30 990 euro, the tested 2.0 Multijet 4×4 Limited nine-speed automatic transmission will cost just under 50,000 euros. Jeep Compass sets these prices down in the heart of the segment, with competitors such as the Volkswagen Tiguan and Renault Kadjar. In that court, the Compass has its history and name it, you’re driving a real Jeep. But at Jeep know them: going on the road. And the new Compass shows his qualities.

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