New 2013 Skoda Octavia prices

The Skoda car company has now updated their clients regarding the price of their new vehicle in the market that is the new Octavia. It is available as said by the company for sale in the month of March.

The new car by the Skoda Company will be ranging about 15,990 for their petrol engines and if somebody wants a diesel engine the car will be costing about 18,040. The confirmed date for the sale is 16th of March, which is not so far. The three trim levels of the car are available and that are S, SE and Elegance.

Four engine options will be available for the customers of the new Octavia in the United Kingdom. These engines have different ranges as mentioned below. There are two options available in petrol as well as in diesel engines.

For petrol engines the customers can choose from
o You can choose 104bhp 1.2-litre TSI petrol engine, that profits a maintained and declared 5 7.7mpg i n addition to it has a CO2 production of 114 g/km.
– For those who want to have 138bhp 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine, that gives about 53.3mpg and has CO2 production of 121g/km.
For diesel engine clients the company also offers two ranges that are
– If you want to put a diesel, engine of 104bhp 1.6 TDI engines that deal with a maintained standard of 74.3mpg and about 99g/km of the CO2 emissions.
– On the other hand, they also offer a 148bhp of 2.0-litre TDI engine that gives 68.2mpg and discharge about 106g/km of CO2.
The company also offers a Greeline version of the car whose specifications are as:
– A 0.6-litre TDI Octavia that will be emitting about 89g/km CO2 and will have a declared average of 83mpg.

The new design of the new Octavia is about 102 kg lighter than they were before which is a good thing and the car will be featuring the stop-start as customary. The Greenline version of the car will be available by the end of 2013. For those who are waiti ng for t he high-performance Octavia VRS can have them in the summers of this year.

The Octavia S-trim has 16-inch alloys and other interesting features that includes Bluetooth, Radio, leather wrapped steering etc.

When we talk about the mid-range Octavia then there are a few additional features such as driver seat adjustments, stability control etc. there is also some work done with the lights and additional fog lights are added.

The SE equipments as told by the company make about 3,890 extra. Due to some additional features in this new SE model the cost increases by 2,220 and so the cost of the SE model is increased more than that of the Octavia S.

Skoda Octavia has about 17-inch alloy with Alcantara and leather trim that is in combination with a sat-nav and cruise control for their users to get a perfect drive. This also increases the cost of the car by 1,850. It is said that the cost was more than the increased price.

Octavia has more space than before with a large r wheelb ase. The boot can store about 590 liters that is more than that of Ford Mondeo.

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