New 2013 Jaguar XF series Review

Jaguar the name of trust in the automobile industry, Jaguar is famous for its stylish and most luxurious car in the market. Time to time Jaguar launches new models to maintain their position in the market with some innovative ideas with attractive names. This time Jaguar comes up with its new series name Jaguar XF 2.2D. The name is unique so every person gets attracted towards its name to discover what it has new in this vehicle. This news will help you out in discovering the qualities of Jaguar XF 2.2D.

First of all the main and important feature about any car which makes it unique is its engine. Jaguar XF 2.2D has 4 cylinder engines with alloy and sports trimming. As the time goes on the style and beauty become more advance in the designing of cars, the designer more focus on exterior and interior beauty of the car. The engine built in this car is 2.2 litre diesel engines with the turbochargers capacity to give the output energy of 140 kilowatt at 3500 RPM and a 450 of torque with just 2000 RPM. The engine specification as compared to BMW 520D is much better than this. Officials of Jaguar claim that XF 101D only takes 8.5 seconds to reach from 0 to 100 kilometres.

The starting price of this coupe is about 76 thousand US dollars but if you want this coupe with some extra style than you have to pay separate prices, 3000 dollars for black alloy while 1500 dollars for exterior pack and 1530 dollars for interior black veneer and other. If you take all the alteration than its price exceed the price of BMW 520D, may be this is not OK with many customers of Jaguar. It is better that you take readymade and designer design Jaguar. The design of the engine is perfect, it is noiseless and when you sit n the car you will never feel the sound of the engine or any sort of vibration this is very good approach from Jaguar.

It has new latest amendment which is 8 speed automatic transmission gearboxes. This has been designed with the collaboration of some German company who has already designed for BMW 520D. This is not a big deal either this company has made for someone or not. Besides its price and its engine specification it has one surprising thing that is its big and heavy tyres. The design of tyre makes the road grip so good that it minimized the ratio of accident. This XF series will make their worth very soon and people forget the S type Jaguar which rule in the market for over a years.

Some special features that a car have revealed by the officials of Jaguar is that, it has 255mm wide Dunlop sport max tyre which gives the best road grip. When XF will lesser rubber than it will bear the pressure. This vehicle will surely rule in the coming next year because Jaguar do not compromise on quality.

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