Morgan Plus 8 is a Pleasure to Drive

Morgan Plus 8 is a Pleasure to Drive

The latest model of the Morgan Plus 8 has been revealed and this vehicle is a complete package in terms of refinement and preservation of the company’s heritage. The vehicle sports a very modern chassis along with a powerful twin block V8 engine. This car portrays clearly what the future of Morgan could look like. Morgan has quite successfully brought together the best of classic design with the most powerful of the current generation engines.

The Morgan Plus 8 is powered by a 4.8 liter V8 engine from BMW and the car was recently tested on the track to help understand drivers its capability in a better manner. Morgan has always showcased that small cars are not necessarily low on power. In fact the latest modifications made to the Plus 8 such as the improved steering column, suspension and the transmission system enhance the way the car feels on the road.

The car tested on the track was powered by a six cylinder V8 mated to a six speed manual transmission system. The manual transmission option makes the Plus 8 one of the best performing cars of the era. The common problems with Morgan such as the old framework and the chassis have been done away with on the current model, although the vintage look has been quite successfully maintained.

This car is a real sports car and can accelerate from 0 – 60 MPH within 4.5 seconds. It does everything with its roof down that most hard top super cars can do. The engine is fairly powerful and the dynamics of the car provides a well balanced ride. Hefty performance is one of the most appealing features when it comes to the Morgan Plus 8 and the use of modern technology in the vehicle further enhances the general drive appeal.

The Morgan Plus 8 features ABS, Drive Assistance, Electronic Stability Control and a range of other options. ESC is a very important addition to the car considering the general weight of the car. The Morgan Plus 8 has an epic power to weight ratio which makes this car almost impossible to drive around the track without electronic assistance.

However, this is quite thrilling and people with the real; the urge for driving will definitely like to drive their Plus 8 with Traction Control off. The car weighs just 1100 kg with all its accessories and this enhances the general sports appeal of the vehicle. Standard Aero 19 inch rims have been used on the car and this enhances the exterior of the vehicle.

Priced at £71,000, the Morgan Plus 8 is a vehicle which must be owned if you are facing a mid life crisis at the moment. This car can do away with the driving blues and the sheer force generated will be sufficient to put you on the edge of the seat. Morgan has come up with a very successful design and the Plus 8 should attract a high amount of attention from the right quarters of society, like its elder siblings.

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