Mitsubishi eX Concept SUV Ready For Los Angeles Auto Show! eX Means All-electric Powertrain!

Next month, Mitsubishi will bring a full list of updates to the Auto Show in Los Angeles, topped by the eX concept – which reached American soil for the first time.
Even though its debut is set in about three weeks, the major carmakers have already begun preparations for this year’s edition of the Motor Show in Los Angeles.
Among the brands that have announced their presence at this event is also Mitsubishi; the Japanese manufacturer announced its intention to exhibit cars – for the first time in front of the American public, including the eX concept.

Unveiled in a world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, the prototype in question embodies a crossover design, characterized by multiple contrasting elements.

In other words, we find the front headlights with reduced size, connected to a huge radiator grille. The formula in question is repeated at the back, while the side profile …. well, the side profile draws our attention especially due to the rims in five bi-color wheels. Not that the doors with opposite opening will somehow go unnoticed when they get the opportunity to go into action.

Leaving behind the aesthetic department and moving our attention to the technical aspects, we (re) discover that the new eX Mitsubishi Concept adopted a propulsion package consisting of two electric motors – one front and one rear.

The menu also includes a wheel drive system with variable distribution of torque and the latest technology in assisted safety, those up to 400 kilometers available with a single charge can be driven – without any major problem, running on any surface and in any traffic conditions.

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