Mini Rocketman and Superleggera is still dead

Mini Rocketman and Superleggera is still dead

The internet abuzz in recent days by rumors of a new ‘super-mini’ which is supposed to be somewhere in the catalog in 2019. There was already dreaming aloud of a production version of the Rocketman , who really like Mini could go through life. And the Superleggera after its debut at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este already been repeatedly tipped for a (possibly limited series production).

But parent BMW pulls the chair from under the claims they do not come. In 2019 there will be an electric Mini, and thus the end of it. It operates digests even the bad experiences with the Mini Coupe, Mini Roadste R and Mini Paceman. All those models did not achieve the desired efficiency. As a result, they were discarded. Mini evolved in recent times especially towards more specialized models. Rather, it took aggressive towards the middle of the market. The significantly inflated size and very conventional solutions ( such as the common side doors for the Clubman ) are an illustration.

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