Mini Cooper's 2015 S Hardtop comes with Four Doors Automatic

Mini Cooper’s 2015 S Hardtop comes with Four Doors Automatic

Mini has produced a new four doors car which is a 2015 version of a hardtop model of Cooper S. For now, its test car is up and ready having a power 189 horsepower. It has reflexes as if a gunfighter, less body rolls and a steering having precise & quick to various decimal places with 2.5 turns of lock to lock setting. This car is capable of both distinguishing itself during autocrosses and making it owned feel like the Fernando Alonso of track days.

The new updates it has are all good. However, it now has become more of a visiting car than for track events having less dynamic traits. Its stiff suspension tune keeps the cornering attitude leveled and provides eager communication of pavement irregularity larger than the dime of occupants. A low configuration Pirelli Cinturato brand’s P7 tires of 205/40-18 size are fitted so that a spare won’t be required. You can change its ride quality from stiff ranging to harsh by which a big amount of noise is generated during the process.

It has 2.0 Liter turbocharged engine giving out a respectable output with the help of six speeds automatic transmission. It gives a nice acceleration of 0 – 60 mph in only 6.2 seconds and reaches 95 mph in 14.8 seconds. It could not be given with a great amount of brisk to paddle transmission shifters which can be enjoyable at times. Buyers are allowed to get a manual gearbox of six speeds available optionally. It will be demanded more by those people who like their cars to deliver better positive engagements with a better mechanical feel giving them a feel of earlier cars. This fun can’t be felt with automatic gearboxes.

Its interior has been updated thoroughly increasing its racy feel especially the seats are bolstered to readiness track level having all lateral supports. However, as far as Mini’s regular dynamic traits are concerned, for an everyday drive car, it seems to be a little too much and seats are too confining especially for longer tours.

This is another four door hatchback, which has a very useful upside, certainly much more than other Mini models. The two doors Hardtop Mini model has one credible back-seat, which can accommodate only two adults. But in this 2015 Cooper S, three adults can sit comfortably. It has enough empty space for accommodating more luggage and persons as well.

Mini’s designers and engineers installed many more components to this four doors hatchback’s interior recently. For doing so, they had to move the window switches to a very conventional location. To keep the navigation unit, audio system with other stationeries, there is a small self installed in the dashboard’s center.

Mini has decided to make the base price of four doors Hardtop at $25,950 for the manual gearbox where as $27,450 for the automatic gearbox. A fully loaded navigation can be availed at an additional cost of $4500. There are many other options available with this model for which a total cost of $35,900 has been fixed.

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