Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 Qualify as the Top Two Urban Wheels

Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 Qualify as the Top Two Urban Wheels

The Fiat 500 and the Mini Cooper are the two famous small cars of this generation and have been in production for quite a while now. Both cars share similar features although their advantages lie in their size, fuel efficiency, cost benefits and comfort. They are perfectly suited to the urban lifestyle and are fun to drive. They are also practical vehicles and are famous owing to their highly successful ancestors.

However, that does not mean that both the Fiat 500 and the Mini Cooper are more famous than they deserve to be. The Mini Cooper is fun to drive and handles like an oversized go kart. The steering is well balanced and the handling is quite efficient. However, the Mini Cooper has been never tough to handle and is smooth at all times. The Mini feels completely at home within the perimeter of the city and its small size and easy handling makes it perfect for urban commuting.

The Fiat 500 is also sufficiently peppy within the limits of the city although it fizzles out once the vehicle the car is taken out to the highways. The ride however is quite bouncy and uncomfortable and is not quite as comfortable as the ride quality of the Mini. The Mini Cooper is powered by a 1.6 liter engine displacing 120 BHP and is quite peppy.

The 1.6 liter diesel engine is however less responsive than its petrol counterpart and displaces 108 BHP. However, the Cooper petrol still owns the road and people often opt for the petrol model as it literally owns the road. The 1.2 liter Mini Cooper petrol engine powering the lower end model of the Mini is a great competition to the Fiat 500 although the turbo charged 1.4 liter engine option is more popular with the masses.

Although the petrol drive trains powering the Mini Cooper are well refined, the same cannot be said for the diesel engines. The diesel power train unleashes a lot of noise when moving on road and the transmission system is not as smooth as people would want it to. The Fiat 500 can also boast of the diesel Twin Air engine which is more refined than the ones powering the Mini.

The six speed automatic transmission system on the Mini Cooper is not as powerful or smooth as the manual transmission system although it does a decent job nonetheless. The interior on both the vehicles is fitted with fabric and plastic although the finish quality of the Mini Cooper is a notch above the Fiat 500.

The cabin space is almost equal but the plastic feel of many parts inside the cabin is a disappointment on the Fiat 500. Both of these vehicles were however manufactured for carrying up to four passengers, that too for short trips. None of the two vehicles are very spacious to carry luggage for long trips nor is there sufficient head and leg room for comfort during long journeys. However, both these vehicles do not have any competition when it comes to urban driving.

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