Micro Urban Car Suzuki Ignis 2017 At Paris Motor Show!

Micro Urban Car Suzuki Ignis 2017 At Paris Motor Show!

Suzuki acknowledges having used illegal methods in measuring the consumption of their cars.
The new Japanese micro urban will be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show … with a hybrid engine.

The Japanese manufacturer Suzuki has chosen the International Paris Motor Show, to be held in the French capital over the next 1 and October 16, as the event where the 2017 version of the utility Suzuki Ignis will be presented. This way, it will reach the European continent almost a year after doing so in its native country, and it will arrive together with the renewed SX4 S-Cross, an SUV whose marketing wil begin before going to the Paris event.

So, the name Ignis returns to Europe after the model was exhibited at the last Tokyo Motor Show, and it will appear as an utility vehicle despite being all urban. The Ignis, which will be positioned in Suzuki’s offer list one level below the Celerio, will work as a micro urban with hardly any differences than the model sold in the country of the rising sun –at a first glance, the only difference would be the distinctive bars of the roof.

The main surprise is its engine, as the new Ignis will come with a hybrid engine. This will be formed by a 1.2-liter gasoline DualJet block combined with an electrical mechanics to standardize some figures regarding fuel consumption and emissions. To accommodate the batteries, the Japanese automaker had to make an extra effort to cut weight.

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