MG Eyeing a Return to Mainstream American Markets

MG Eyeing a Return to Mainstream American Markets

MG Motors, along with Roewe, is currently considering, bringing back their brand name to American markets, after a long time gap. MG, which is currently under Chinese ownership SAIC, has been working on suitable platforms and vehicles, which are currently in demand. Even though we do not have any confirmed news of the firm, having found a working platform, we are quite sure of MG returning to the United States soon.

The company is expected to work on a sports car concept, which is currently on the drawing board. This vehicle could be unveiled in China soon, although, we will bring you any such information in advance, as soon as official confirmation comes in. MG could be working on something, like the Mazda Miata, although, this plan could change, before official renderings are revealed.

The start of this design was based on the MG Icon SUV Concept, which was revealed at Beijing back in 2012. This concept brought back MG to mainstream vehicle designing, which proved that the firm still had what is needed, to stay on top of the game. This concept SUV took various styling cues from previous MG models, which made it a stereotype. Even though MG is working on a complete exterior overhaul, they will carry forward design cues from previous generation models.

This is what reinstates out belief in the firm. The MG Icon SUV portrayed to the world, what Chinese car makers are capable of. Hence, if you are willing to take this vehicle lightly, you better reconsider. We are looking for something exciting from MG at this moment, as most market segments are clogged with vehicles that look almost the same and provide similar features. People have nothing exciting to look forward to, in the middle price ranges, although a sports vehicle from MG could change this equation.

MG has its primary design studio in China, which means that most of this vehicle will be designed at this facility. Chinese customers have something to look forward to as well, as MG will surely launch something for local customers. Performance and interior options are yet to be revealed, although, this could be some time away. We are happy with MG, for trying out their hands at something entirely new.

The MGB was a superior vehicle, with no actual market competitors at the time. However, a worthy successor never made it to production, which is a big disappointment for many. This new vehicle is in an entirely new segment. Hence, MGB fans have nothing to rejoice about, at this moment. MG could start working on a successful SUV platform, although, all future plans are solely dependent on this vehicle, for now.

It is no surprise that Roewe and MG are currently struggling to get back on their feet and they could take some time to get back into mainstream vehicle production. Old platforms are unlikely to be carried forward to next generation vehicles, even though official confirmation is yet to arrive. Stay tuned for additional information.

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