Mercedes to launch a large seating capacity car in August this year • Mercedes to launch a large seating capacity car in August this year •Auto Types

Mercedes to launch a large seating capacity car in August this year

German luxury automaker Mercedes officially announced on Friday about their launch of a new large seating capacity car. Giving further information on the matter company told that this would be a car with seating capacity of 10 persons. After successful launch of their 8 seating capacity cars last year, the company is ready to launch this car in several countries of the world.

The car would be launched on the same date in multiple countries. Company said that this car is better for people with larger size family or people with joint family joint families. The actual plan to launch this car was earlier this year, but due to some technical issues with the car the company extends its launch in August this year.

Company is sure that the car will meet its highest demand shortly after its launch. Giving more information about the car, company told that they have decided to launch this car globally. About the style and luxury of the car, company told that the car will have lot of space in it for the comfort of people. About the luxury company told that the car looks luxurious from its exteriors. Its light grey color provides it a shine and luxurious look.

Company also told that they have focused on the exteriors of the car up to a great extent. According to company there are entertainment tools like 5 LCD’s are there in the car. Additionally the seats can be folded up to a higher extent for the better travel.

Mercedes CEO told media that the car is especially designed for long distance travel. In this car capacity of fuel tank has also been extended which makes it useful to travel in rural places as well. Also this car is too useful for people who prefer camping. He also told that in this car the seats are removable and by removing the seats the car can be used for storing any kind of stuff.

Also company told that their new car is not just for joint families only, but its huge seating capacity makes it best as a tourist vehicle. They are also highly expecting that lot of tourist organizations will also demand for this car.

Mercedes CEO announced recently that company is going to start the booking of this car by the end of next month, and the car will be provided to the people who book in advance by the end of August.

According to a German newspaper, this new vehicle of Mercedes will surely contribute in fuel saving in future. In the newspaper it was mentioned that this new vehicle is capable to allow 10 people to travel at the fuel price of just 4. A similar statement was also made by company recently. According to them, their car highly cut down the travel expenses of people.

Mercedes also has a plan to launch their new car in Asian countries including China, India, Malaysia and Thailand, however for launch of this new car in Asian countries the official date has not yet announced by the Mercedes.

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