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Mercedes Tests Autonomous Car in China

China’s road transport system is totally different from that in the Western world, in European or North American countries. For example, highways have different speed limits depending on the lane, some of them even have pedestrian crossings if they go through cities or visitors are not allowed to drive without having obtained a local driving license.

Developers of autonomous driving technology have focused their tests on cars that drive themselves in Western countries so far, without taking into account the world’s largest car market – China. Mercedes is the first manufacturer to promote autonomous driving in all corners of the world to find out what is happening with sophisticated systems that coordinate cars in places where common road rules no longer apply.

In the Intelligent World Drive campaign, launched by Mercedes in Frankfurt, Mercedes arrived with an autonomous S-Class model in Shanghai. The purpose of the car is to test the rigors of Chinese traffic and to determine its particularity in relation to autonomous driving systems. Besides the different traffic rules, the complex Asian traffic, with many vehicles on two or three wheels or many pedestrians, or the markings indicating to keep distance from the front car are elements that will test the behavior of autonomous cars.

Over the past seven years, Mercedes has achieved no less than 5000 tests with driving assistance systems, covering 10 million kilometers in regions such as Europe, America, China, Australia and South Africa.

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