Mercedes G Class with a Powerful 612hp Engine

Mercedes G Class with a Powerful 612hp Engine

Mercedes G class is acquiring a huge popularity day by day with its growing demand worldwide. Especially in Russia and China, the demand for the car has reached heights with every next person ordering this SUV.
The car was first launched in 1979 but was unable to grab the popularity with just an over 6,000 sales approximately, the whole year. But now the car is back with its styling features and looks and seized the attention of all. The car with its boxy style will definitely balance traffic to the showrooms for quite a some time.

Although the car has attained a huge popularity but is not available for the common man as 264.180 Euros are what needed in your pocket to buy G65 AMG which is the highest range model among all. The car is even more costly than S65 AMG which was considered to be one of the most expensive models which cost’s 230.384 Euros.

The car has got a very powerful engine of 612 HP turbo-charged which is supposed to be the most powerful engine in a series produced cars worldwide. For a reason many a youths are seen booking one for them.
The car is well made from its exteriors with LED lamps, styling looks and new designed mirrors. From the inside, it is as luxurious as any other high range model of Mercedes with its finer dashboard, comfort and much better handling. “Mercedes has gathered a huge increase in its sell with over 50 percent growth in the past 3 years” said Alex Harries (head, Mercedes product line). He also adds up saying “our business is running smoothly in Russia and China with about half of our cars are getting sold to these regions”.

“Mercedes G class is expected to reach the height which none of the other car has over the past years” said Harris. Although he refused to reveal the sell figures for both the regions and said “our company’s policy don’t allow us to reveal such ratios”.

Many were worried about the G class before its launch because of its high price. Predictions were raised that the model may bring Mercedes in huge loss putting a black spot on company’s image but it all got rubbished after its launch looking at its immense success. Also a bad thing about the car is with its central locking which makes a huge and soiled noise when use.

The good thing about the car is its best manufacturing till date comparing any other brand, off-road. The car is capable to carry over 3500 kg weight even at very tough off-road. The 350 Blue TEC diesel is the best model for the purpose with a strong body and engine capacity. Therefore if you’re looking for a car which car carry heavy loads even off-road with a rich look at your face, G class is really something which you’re looking for.

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