Mercedes G-Class To Get Facelift In 2017 Befitting A New Generation

One of the most successful models on the market, the Mercedes G-Class is preparing for a major facelift scheduled for 2017. The list of the changes will be a substantial one but Mercedes will keep the code name W463, which means that we are not able to talk about a new generation.
Several sources from inside of the Stuttgart manufacturer talk about a number of structural improvements by using plenty of aluminum. These changes will allow the SUV to lose about 200 kg.

Changes will be operated on the overall dimensions too. Thus, the SUV will grow in width by about 100 mm, up to 1860 mm. The facelift will not alter the classic design that G-Class accustomed us, but it will take on a number of lines from the Ener-G-Force concept, unveiled in 2012 during the annual design competition organized within the Motor Show from Los Angeles.

If the classic and rudimentary look of the SUV will not change, the interior however is ready to embrace the new technology and contemporary design. That means that the G-Class will borrow the C-Class’ minimalism, while guaranteeing more interior space.

The big challenge is to increase the width of the car for greater stability, to fit with the new front suspension, and free up more interior space for a wider front and rear seats. All these changes, at the same time, must maintain the character and the iconic appearance of the current model.

“We have to be careful with our heritage. We offer something really special. Last year – the 34th – was the best ever for G-class sales. It’s amazing, and one of our idols” says Andreas Zygan, Mercedes SUV boss.

The car will also be fitted with a more modern electro-mechanical steering system, and the new front suspension of the G-Class model will use a three or four-link setup.

Increased levels of technology will be seen thanks to improvements like the use of LED lights, and several driver assistance and safety systems, planned to be fitted.

And because a facelift is incomplete without new engines, the G-Class will benefit from the resources of two engines expected to debut in 2016. We are talking about a gasoline unit and a diesel one, both displacing 3.0 liters, ready to equip the future E-Class. The gasoline engine will provide 360 horsepower, while the diesel will jump to 300 hp. Both will be coupled to an automatic transmission with nine steps.

The next generation Mercedes GL-Class, previewed by the Ener-G-Force concept in 2012, is intended to turn into a full rival for Range Rover by 2018. Also, there will be more emphasis on luxury and refinement, plus the addition of a long-wheelbase version.

Mercedes remarked the growing trend of the super-luxury SUV segment with the launch of the latest Range Rover, and the future Bentley Falcon. Therefore, they want to take the lead when the GL comes out, right in the heart of this segment.

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