Mercedes Enters The Golf Course With Style

Mercedes Enters The Golf Course With Style

An “authentic sports car” the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car transfers in an original manner Mercedes-Benz’s unmistakable design to a first class golf car. This is the result of cooperation between Mercedes-Benz’s designers, the Daimler team, Think & Act Tank Business Innovation and the well-known Garia golf car manufacturer.

The new Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car is distinguished immediately from conventional golf cars. The driver and passenger enjoy a view through a large curved windshield. The carbon fiber roof is different in shape and color to the base vehicle.

The sporty look is enhanced by a small rear spoiler, which works like a golf bag holder, while being fully integrated into the overall design. The machine is constructed so that it can carry two golf bags inclined towards the rear. This inclined position allows the use, in a very simple way, of the golf sticks.
The bench seat looks welcoming as a chair-type lounge, complementing the exterior design to provide an exciting experience.

Other examples of smart and useful items are the refrigerator under the seat and a storage tray under the dashboard, which keeps golf balls aligned. Space for containers on the instrument panel and on the passenger side offers space for glasses and bottles.

An integrated touchpad with a diagonal of 10.1 inches and a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels graphically displays vehicle information such as the time remaining, vehicle speed, power consumption or the parking brake status. Many functions can be controlled with the push of a button, such as driving in “sport” or “eco” mode, headlights, windscreen heater or windshield wipers. On the larger screen beneath it, the occupants can see the structure of the golf course and their current position or an electronic score board. The sophisticated graphic design is inspired by the newest Mercedes-Benz cars.

From a technical standpoint, the Golf Car has unique characteristics that allow it to be used on US roads. For this purpose, it is equipped with all the necessary elements such as direction indicators, headlights and rear lights.

A double suspension, a sports cars feature, ensures comfortable driving and easy and precise handling on all surfaces. This compact car (length 2,350 mm, width 1,200 mm and 1,720 mm in height) has a turning circle of 5.2 meters. The Golf Car is driving extremely smoothly, both on the golf course and on rough roads.

The electric motor of the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car has an output of 3 kW, but can also reach up to 11 kW for short periods of time. This is enough to provide the vehicle with a weight of 440 kg a maximum speed of 30 km / h, and a range of up to 80 kilometers. The charging time for the lithium-ion battery is six hours.
Mercedes-Benz has been active in professional golf since the 80s. Between 2008 and 2013, Mercedes-Benz was International Partner of the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, Masters in Augusta, and from 2014 became one of the three global sponsors.

Because of its association with the PGA from America, Mercedes-Benz is from 2009 the official car and official sponsor of the PGA Championship, Senior PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup when it is held in USA.

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