Mercedes denies all wheeled drive option for its new AMG C63

Mercedes denies all wheeled drive option for its new AMG C63

Mercedes has decided not to launch its new AMG C63 with the all wheeled drive option. This model is to be launched in 2015 and previously company had assured to provide all wheel facility along with this model but now Tobias Moers, the CEO of Mercedes has confirmed that this option has been ruled out.

During the Los Angeles show where various cars showed off their latest creations, Mercedes didn’t miss the chance to reveal its AMG C63. But as soon as they revealed this car, the CEO declared it does not have the all wheel driving option and will not be available in near future.

This high performing model comes with a rear based wheel drive and he said to the fans especially to Australian fans that rear wheeled drive is a very good and likeable option. This model shares its most important hardware with Mercedes’ another model Sports Coupe from AMG GT which will be launched in the US this week.

Moers informed to viewers that these two models have a lot of elements in common and both of them have the same power in terms of output which is 4.0 liter twin turbocharged V8 with rear wheeled drive only. Surprisingly he disclosed a big fact that C63 contains a very big part of AMG GT Coupe but it cannot be detected for sure.

C-Class models with sportier finish are for dedicated buyers only as said by the CEO. He also suggested that there is a possibility in future for this model to have the all wheel driving option. Also he showed a hint that in nearby future it’s lined up may be dominated via AWD models. No body knows the futures but for today and near future, the company will stick to rear axles driven cars more as informed by Moers.

This name C63 reflects its base name which is AMG better. Also it shows the link between this car and new baby of Mercedes AMG, the GT Sport car because they share the same engine. During the 2014 Motor Show of Paris, its excellent body style of Estate wagon was unveiled. A C-Class Mercedes Sedan has its own story and everybody could realize it in that show.

This model will be arriving in the showrooms of United States in March, 2015 in simple C63 style and other flavors as well. Apart from visual effects, both versions are equally equipped with power. Each of them consists of 469 HP, 479 pound ft torque in C63 and 503 HP with 516 LB ft in the C63 and C63 S.

C63 S has 37 lb ft torque higher than GT sports and C63 has a code M177 in its engine where as GT Sports has M178. BMW M3, which is planned to be launched in next year, has only 425 hp with torque of 406 lb ft. Lexus also has a 2015 model RC F to launch having 467 hp with 389 lb ft. The C63 has the same gearbox as its previous version but shifting gears is fastened this time.

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