Mercedes demonstrates safety features of future

If the Mercedes dependent, we will in the future even more safety features come into our cars. Time to see which.
Mercedes as many years known as an innovator when it comes to security. The car where all the innovative inventions was first installed, the Mercedes S-Class. The Mercedes ESF (Experimental Safety Vehicle) is logically based on the Mercedes S-Class Mercedes and shows us what the future will offer.
This ESF provides some new innovations, which at first sight seem strange, but ultimately their goal: more security. There is the idea of oplaasbare metal parts in the car to place in an accident the structure of the Mercedes in question harder to make. Furthermore, Mercedes also a Braking Bag ‘install a type of air bag in an inevitable aandrijding comes from under the car and dragged along the ground to the car more than would otherwise fall.
All details you can find the article back, after the photos.

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