Mercedes-Benz Will Create Its Own Electric Division And Ready To Invest 6.6 Billion In Green Cars!

Last week we talked about the probable decision of Mercedes to create an electric division, similar to that of BMW IPerformance style.
Now, new rumors arise from the “AutoExpress” publication, about the name of this brand, which could be “EQ” or “MEQ”.
It seems that the German company has already registered various names, such as “EQA”, “EQB” or “EQX”, so that within a few years, it is almost certain that we will see them included in their future cars.

Mercedes already owns other terms, such as “EQ boost” and “Generation MEQ”, which could be used in communication and marketing strategies.
Everything indicates that the first model of this new company will be a saloon car. Moreover, the most optimistic rumors indicate that the Paris Motor Show will serve as the stage to present the prototype.

The “EQS” would enter the market in 2019 to compete with future generations of the Tesla Model S, among others.
The “EQ” models will be developed with the new “EVA” platform (Electric Vehicle Architecture), which will create both saloons as well as “SUVs”. Rivals come from other “premium” brands that also have their electric range ready for commercialization, such as Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Porsche.

Mercedes will not only electrify their cars but also one of its more commercial models like the Sprinter. Starting form 2018, the German van could offer a version of zero emissions, according to the publication “The Detroit Bureau”. Moreover, as explained above, among its electrical projects, the brand also included the Urban eTruck Mercedes truck.

But let’s not forget the smart. The electric drive versions, which encompass both the Fortwo and the Forfour, will be presented in Paris and sales will probably begin early 2017.
In total, Daimler will invest 6.6 billion euros to add eco-friendly variants on all fronts. This figure shows the multinational’s strong approach toward the electric future.

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