Mercedes Benz SLK250 A Classy Sports Car Assuring Comfort and Acceleration

Mercedes Benz SLK250 A Classy Sports Car Assuring Comfort and Acceleration

Mercedes Benz SLK250 provides you drive your own exclusive car with a retractable roof top which allows you to put down the rooftop and cruise throughout the city making others jealous of you and your classy sports car. And the other advantage of Benz SLK250 is there is only seating for two so you don’t have to bother for the comfort of those at the back seat.

The seats have the ultimate sporty and luxurious finish which is both supportive and cozy from shoulder to knee for a comfortable and convenient long journey and also gives you access to a charismatic and dynamic driving. Another unique feature of Mercedes Benz SLK250 is the presence of a warm air blower behind the seats which gushes a flow of hot air on your neck when you are driving with the rooftop down during chilly waters.

Mercedes Benz SLK250 is powered by a 1.8 liter turbocharged engine with four cylinders that is capable of attaining a horsepower little over 200 HP and a maximum torque of 2000 RPM. The stats of SLK250 are lower than SLK360 V6 and quite lower than SLK55 AMG V8, but still prove to be handy and powerful on account of the reduced weight of the other models and distinct in its class.

SLK250 is quite fuel efficient from the other competitors in its class and helps to reduce palpitation when you go to the filling station. The breathtaking little racing star consumes a little over 9.5 litres for 100 kilometres per week for a dazzling and high speed week which is pretty economical.

Mercedes Benz SLK250 is sure to challenge the long considered leader of this class of sports car Mazda MX-5 though the SLK250 costs $11,000 more than the Mazda’s top model MX-5 GT. But at the same time SLK250 provides you with an additional 90 pounds per foot units of torque and an additional 40 units of horsepower, and with a better economy Benz SLK250 is a better option than its rivals.

SLK250 is charming with good looks and a sporty finish, if you are opting for a sports car beyond its looks, SLK250 is the best option. Mercedes Benz SLK250 has won the Best Sports Car over $50,000 in the AJAC 2013 awards. SLK250 ensures you speed with an optimistic handling enabling you to drive fast and with a high class AMG suspension enabling to drive swiftly without loss of grip. You can sequentially choose from the seven speeds automatic or six speed manual transmissions while the automatic mode is preferred in busy roads.

Climate control, automatic transmission, 3-D surround system of Harman/kardon, satellite radio, 18-inch wheels, Bi-Xenon headlights, AMG styling and appearance, air scarf, wind screen, heated front seats and headlight washers are the available enhancements of the SLK250. Mercedes provides you the warranty of 4 years for the SLK250 with a fuel capacity of a 68 litre fuel storage tank.

The price of SLK250 may seem to be high but cheap don’t deliver you the Mercedes SLK250.

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