Mercedes Benz showcases the E 300 Hybrid

Mercedes Benz has announced an all new diesel hybrid car for mass production in the UK and this vehicle features an all new technology. The new Mercedes Benz Hybrid E 300 sports an electric motor producing 27 BHP with a 19 kW lithium ion battery which is mated to a 2.2 liter turbo charged diesel engine producing 201 BHP, lifted directly off the E 250 CDI.

The car sports a seven speed S Tronic automated transmission system that allows the vehicle to turn off the diesel engine and be powered solely by the electric motor when there is negligible throttle load, i.e. during parking or cruising in slow speeds.

On the practical field, this is a very innovative design and the switch between both the engines is practically seamless. The switch is however felt, as when the E 300 is powered by the electric motor, it does not receive the thrust that the diesel engine would provide. Therefore, it is quite obvious.

However, engine refinement was always a concern for Mercedes Benz and the E 300 too doesn’t compromise on that front. The electric motor is quite responsive and when you need to switch to the diesel motor just push the pedal to the metal and the engine fires up for action.

The E 300 is high on power and offers great performance on the overall front. As both the diesel and electric motor works together, the power generation and fuel efficiency has been increased. As a result a total of 435 ft lb of torque is formed and that makes the E 300 quite responsive and fast.

The E 300 is fun to drive and a refined vehicle and sports a 16 inch sports rim and the tire noise is a thing of concern on this vehicle. Handling the vehicle could pose a little problem as the car seems to wobble around on its air suspension. Cornering with this vehicle is not outstanding but is pretty decent.

The E 300 weight close to 110 kg more than the E 250 wagon and this is no surprise considering the extra weight due to the extra hybrid installment. Considering all the facts, the E 300 makes for a decent buy for daily use as the vehicle is economic, emits less Co2 and is responsive enough on city roads.

The primary problem of this vehicle is that, it is not cheap. AT 40,000 Pounds, this is one of the costliest hybrids to be found on the market and you could purchase other high end vehicles for this amount.
However, if you are on the environment friendly side and do not mind slow speeds, this is more than a bargain for you. This vehicle has a corporate feel to it and is more than appealing to the business class.

Sporting a top speed of 141 mph and accelerating to 60 mph in 7.8 seconds, the E 300 hybrid is definitely not one of the fastest Mercedes Benz on the road but economy figures of 62.8 mpg is an appealing fact considering the current economic condition of the world.

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