Mercedes-Benz is focusing on the future and will compete against BMW i!

Mercedes-Benz will soon present an electric sedan at the Paris Motor Show. The German brand is making the headlines again with this type of propulsion, as they plans to create a subdivision that brings together all the ecological models. The goal is to stand up to rivals like BMW i, the i3 and i8, as reported by “Automotive News”.

This business decision is supported by what apparently will happen in the automotive world, where the electrical era will be more than a palpable reality in a few years. Focusing further on the future, it seems that plans are to create two “SUVs” and two sedan cars under the umbrella of this new division. This decision seems correct, as the SUVs remain the hottest models and Mercedes-Benz sedans are widely accepted on the markets of the five continents.

When will they begin to be marketed? The most optimistic target dates hint the end of this decade, even before the launch of the power projects Urban eTruck Mercedes truck and a van. Hopefully, we can see some kind of breakthrough in the prototype form at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. It is clear that Mercedes-Benz has seen the light at this point, after seeing how well the different Tesla models have been received by the public and the steps taken by BMW.

As always with this type of model, the key point will be on the autonomy offered, as well as the recharge time of the batteries. Given that they will be launched in a few years, these cars should be able to ensure long journeys without “refueling”. Thus, their usefulness could not be called into question, as it happens nowadays. Time will tell …

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