Mercedes Benz India – new facilities

Mercedes Benz cooperation program in India got a very good response all over the world, and many questions asked via the social websites. Mostly questions were about the new releases of the Mercedes Benz, performance, and its technology. Other questions were little complex such as new release of Mercedes Benz in India and its impact on the economy, and regarding the future plans of this program. Sales Director of MB India reply to these post questions in hourly session.

Director Sales Debashish stated that Mercedes Benz is very concerned car company which does not deal in unauthenticated sales. They don’t believe in cheap business. Main focus of MB is to utilize the given resources and apply them into efficient manner. Fundamental Plan of Mercedes is to focus on the designing, advancement, security, and the finishing. Talking about the parent firm of Mercedes Benz is the Daimler Inc which own almost eighty percent of companies of the vehicles in the world today.

Talking about the premium vehicles in the market, Mercedes is on the top of the list that has vehicles price more than thirty lac rupees. And the proof of this is that 150 vehicles of this series have been sold in past 15 days after the launching in India. And, the worth of these cars was almost seventy lac rupees.

Mercedes Benz is considered as a business class car due to its elegance and functionality. It is the one of the best brands in aspects of security and advance technology system in the world. This is a 1st luxury car model which is now over fifteen years old. It is the greatest achievement of this company in this state. Now, they are looking for the Next target of adding up more and more products till 2015 which will give them a large number of audience. So, the wait is still there but it would be an exciting thing when people get to know the news regarding the advancement of the product brands on TV channels after two or three years.

The good thing in M class is its V6 engine that boosts its running power. Updated engine products give efficient results especially in minimizing the consumption of fuel. This v6 engine provides the RPM of 3600 and powerful peak torque. Beside this, the other best thing in this engine is that this provides voiceless running. Start and stop operations of ECO give the engine the ability of switching off during the idle mode.

Mr. Debashish also answered the class B section that is expected to release at the end of the year. He stated that it would probably 1st time in the Indian sport history when the world of the band is less than thirty lac. Not only this it will also open the door of the new design which is more effective and powerful than other vehicles that consumes 30 percent less petrol. Mr. Debashish also said that any person can lease this car with some advance payment. With this facility owner can enjoy all the facilities as other customers can, with the installments of personal documents.

The Mercedes Benz lease facility will be very effective for the advertisements of the new brands and products and it would be the effective method of catching the audience. MB is also thinking about the organizing the more programs before the end of this year for strengthening this brand in India.

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