Mercedes Benz has a few launches up its sleeve

Mercedes Benz has a few launches up its sleeve

Mercedes Benz is set to reveal its new B segment electric vehicle at the Paris International Motor Show 2012. The car has been modified in partnership with Tesla and is set to be sold across the continents from early next year.

The car is yet to be given a name. However, its inclusion into the B segment is confirmed. The car is based on Mercedes Benz’s innovative Smart Electric Drive technology and this motor is present in combination with a 134 HP producing petrol engine which delivers 228 ft lb torque.

The car has the usual lithium ion powered cell which accounts for 30 percent of the car’s total power output and the vehicle can run close to 200 km without recharging the batteries. The batteries used on this vehicle are still of an unspecified value and is mounted low into the vehicle’s platform to save space.

The vehicle is quite spacious and this means ample storage space apart from the human carrying capacity. The batteries on the car are charged when the car is moving as well as by the plug in system. Mercedes Benz also has a few other plans for the Paris International Motor Show 2012 apart from the electric drive vehicle. Also making its debut at the Paris International Motor Show 2012 is the new Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive.

The SLS AMG E-Cell, as the car is termed, is an all new, bright yellow super sports car from Mercedes Benz and the vehicle will be produced on a mass scale in the company’s Stuttgart factory, with the car going on sale post January 2013.

The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG E-CELL uses similar aluminum body structure as that on the basic SLS AMG and most of the features are the same. However, the major difference comes in the engine compartment and the transmission system of the vehicles.

The drag coefficient of the vehicle has been reduced for maximum effect and this offers better performance. The weight distribution of the vehicle is almost perfectly suited to its power formation and the 46:54 ratio work best for the vehicle. This new AMG uses four distinct motors present at the different edges of the vehicle and when combined they offer magnificent performance.

The car produces a total of 526 BHP power and 694 ft lb of torque which amounts to the mammoth performance of the vehicle. The 6.2 liter V8 in the engine fires up to a magnificent extent and the deep bass sound shakes up the inner core of one’s heart.

The AMG was never a silent vehicle anyways and although it uses a refined engine, sound cancellation was never a part of the total deal. This is one car which begs to be pushed to its limits and even though it is a hybrid, it can outrun some of the biggest engines in the present scenario.

Mercedes Benz has come up with a revolution and this car truly touches the edges of professional performance while delivering high on fuel efficiency.

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