Mercedes-Benz E63 redesigned and released

A range of the new E-class sedan is now available from the Mercedes company as they are shown in the Detroit Auto Show this year.

In 2012 Mercedes released their E63 wagon that was available in matte grey colour. It offers five- passenger room and it would be fair to say it is a tire smoker. The test drives of the car outcomes in about 550 HP and 590 ft of the torque without an additional AMG recital package. This version of the car made about 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds approximately.

2014 Mercedes Benz latest model E63 eclipses now is redesigned can give about 0-60mph in just 0.6 seconds. The output of the AMG S-Wagon that is calculated is approximately to be 27hp with almost the same torque. An increase in the speed is expected with further improvements in the engine. An addition of peak injection pressure can make a boost in the pressure that is created by an increas e of 1.5 psi.

The new Benz E63 is one of the first AMG sedan that is released by Mercedes. It has a lot of improved features like it can send a power to the car with its 5.5-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. It can do this because of its AMG’s Speedshift MCT seven the speed automatic transmission system that is specially designed for it. This will make it to give about 33 percent of the power produced to the front wheels of the car and the remaining 67% of the power will be diverted to the back wheel of the car.

You can have four drive modes in the last model of the E63. Manual, comfort, sports and sport plus is available in this last model of the car. These modes have their own benefits. Like in comfort mode the car starts or estops any function that is occurring and hence saves fuel. The car takes its speed in second gear when it is in the comfort mode.

Race start mode in which the processor run traction is also available in the E63. when you are driving in th e sport settings of the car the torque with vectoring brake helps you to have a smooth drive without any disturbance in the power supply to any of the wheels especially in turns.

The new design of the car has a facelift which adds to the design of the car. A twin blade A wing is added to the design to control the flow of air along the car. The headlights of the redesigned model are also changed and now they are in a semi shape of teardrop. At the rear side of the car the lights also get modified and includes LEDs in it.

The interior of the car is made upto the standards of the Mercedes and is made with standard elements. Good quality material and covering with flexible seats adds to the quality of the interior of the car. It provides a sound system of approximately 1,200-watt. It also includes command systems like navigation etc in it for the clients to have a luxurious experience.

the price of the car is until now has to be announced by the company but they have mentioned that the new E-class car will be available in the summers hopefully for their valuable customers.

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