Mercedes Benz CLA Has no Potential Competitor in the Current Market

Mercedes Benz CLA Has no Potential Competitor in the Current Market

Mercedes Benz has been experimenting with their designs for quite a while now and the latest CLA is the best example of what the firm is capable of manufacturing. Along with their technical partner AMG, Mercedes Benz is out on a quest to design the most performance oriented sedans and sports coupes the world has seen. Powerful yet efficient engines are not the only way to reach the heart and wallets of the customers and Mercedes Benz is well aware of the facts.

Car makers such as Audi, BMW, Rolls Royce and Bentley etc also design high priced cars although Mercedes Benz is known to design both performance oriented coupes as well as executive segment sedans. This owes mostly to AMG that the line of distinction is slowly coming to a halt. Safety measures are also an important part of any vehicle today and Mercedes Benz does not plan on compromising on either safety or speed.
However, despite the firm’s hard work, the CLA is not the best or perfect vehicle on road and the factors which diminishes the feel of the CLA is the excessively stiff suspension. This makes the ride quality quite bumpy while refinement has been compromised on. The car feels responsive although not as nimble as it should.

The CLA is a great cruiser and is best regarded for its strength. The sheer power of the engine propels this vehicle over asphalt. Exterior wise, the CLA is similar to the CLS in most aspects when it comes to exterior designing although mechanically the cars are as different as chalk and cheese. The Volkswagen Jetta is something that people look forward to while looking for a sedan. However, the Mercedes Benz CLA is a much more exciting option.

The slanted roof lines, sharp body panels etc. make this vehicle an aggressive looking beast and the 2.1 liter twin turbo charged engine gives the vehicle a poised approach. Engine refinement is high and the MQB platform based SEAT Leon is the only competition the CLA has at the moment. However this segment is expected to feature some action within the upcoming months.

The CLA is nothing like the Mercedes Benz ‘A’ Class even though the vehicle is roughly based on the DNA of the A Class. Mercedes Benz has added a range of electronic options on the CLA and this includes Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Head Lamps etc. These new technologies make the ride generally safer while considering both passenger and pedestrian safety. The CLA is a practical vehicle and houses 470 liter of boot space.

Cabin space is quite high while total space has been increased by over 130 liters. Head and leg room has also increased while the sloping roof line along with the streamlined body panels makes this vehicle an aerodynamic wonder. Drag coefficient has been reduced considerably as compared to the A Class and this proves the superior performance oriented structure of the CLA. Mercedes Benz is offering a range of engine options depending upon the requirements of the customer.

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