Mercedes Benz adds another innovation in the automobile industry – QR codes

Mercedes Benz has been one of the largest producers of luxury cars. They have been producing great cars. The cars are a symbol of iconic status and style. The cars are just incomparable in the long run. They are just perfect products as the company has never compromised with the quality and the brand goodwill.

Now Mercedes Benz a part of the parent company Daimler has come up with another innovation in the 21st century that will help people to recover quickly in times of serious road accidents. The company has planned to put QR codes on the car to make it easy for the emergency workers to get suitable information about the car when they come to the accident site and try to help the people trapped in the accident.

Previously they had to get the registration number of the car and then call the company to get details about the particular car and then they could act accordingly. This method use to take a lot of time. Now every smart phone has an application to read QR codes. This will save a lot of time and make the work safe. The QR code that is black and white in colour holds the information of the car.

The QR code tells the emergency worker how to cut down the car, where the pressure tanks are located and the wiring of the car. These things are important because during the time of an accident it could be fatal if there is any wrong move made by the people. So to secure the situation this is done. A sticker will be put on the flap of the fuel tank and on the other side of the car on the pillar separating the two doors.

Mercedes Benz and Daimler have made this application free for all. However it is speculated that this innovation could be overturned quickly by the end of the decade as there are better innovations going on at the moment. Later there will be an emergency number on a car that will be on self dial mode in case of a serious accident and the driver is unconscious.

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