Mercedes-AMG R50 - Supercar with 4 Engines and Over 1,000 HP

Mercedes-AMG R50 – Supercar with 4 Engines and Over 1,000 HP

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of AMG division, Mercedes-AMG will create a hybrid Hyper car, called Project One, and endowed with Formula 1 derived technologies. Mercedes-AMG revealed the technical secrets of the future R50 to amount to 1,000 hp and boast technology taken directly from Formula 1.
Known as Project One, the new Mercedes-AMG R50 will be a hybrid powered for the first time in a series car by the turbocharged V6 engine, with a displacement of 1.6 liters, taken from the Formula One W07 and adapted for everyday use.

A turbocharger, electrically operated (not recirculated gas), will help the Mercedes-AMG R50’s thermal engine to develop about 730 hp, providing a thermal efficiency of 43 percent. The internal combustion engine, however, will have a lifetime of only 50,000 kilometers, after which it will need to be restored. The engine is capable of maximum revolutions up to 10,000 – 11,000 rpm.

However, the full power will climb over 1,000 hp (rumor puts it at 1300 hp). The difference will be covered by a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and three additional electric motors; two of them will engage the front wheels, and a third (part of the MGU-K system, described below), integrated into the transmission housing, will be directly connected to the drive shaft, acting on the rear wheels. Also, the fourth electric motor of 109 hp maintains the turbocharger’s speeds. In total, Project One has 5 engines!

The Mercedes-AMG Project One will use both types of energy recovery systems used in F1: MGU-K units, which converts mechanical and thermal energy into electric power and can transmit (through the electric motor connected to the universal shaft) up to 163 hp to the rear wheels, respectively, the MGU-H system, which takes the heat out of the exhaust gas and uses it to produce electric power directly acting on the turbocharger dedicated to the thermal motor. Also, power can be stored for later use in Li-Ion batteries integrated into the chassis (about 145 kg in weight), or can be transmitted to the MGU-K system and to the rear axle.

The two electric motors on the front axle will each develop 120 kW (163 hp) and will help the Mercedes-AMG R50 provide 100 percent electric range of about 25 kilometers. Another important function is the torque vectoring between the front wheels. With regard to the transmission, Mercedes will not use an automatic box, nor a double clutch one, but an automated manual gearbox capable of withstanding the high speed regime with which the thermal engine will operate.

The design could be an extreme combination between the F1 W07 and the LMP1 racing cars from Le Mans. The chassis and bodywork of the car will be built around a carbon fiber structure in the style of a Formula 1 car interior. The driver and passenger will have a low position with their legs stretched almost horizontally.

The Mercedes-AMG Hypercar will be the result of the collaboration between AMG, from Affalterbach, Germany, and the team that develops the Formula 1 propulsion system from Brixworth, Northampton. Only 275 copies will be produced, at an estimated price of 2.25 million euros, all of which are already sold. Public disclosure will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017.

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