Meet the new Ford Mustang Mach-e

Meet the new Ford Mustang Mach-e

Whether you want it or not, electric driving will play a prominent role in the car world in the coming years. This Mustang Mach-E is the first all-electric Ford (if we forget the Focus Electric for a moment) and also the second SUV (after the Puma ) where the Blue Oval appeals to a resounding name from their own portfolio. A brilliant marketing move or do they just want to play it safe ?

There are no door handles (except for the trunk), the Mustang Mach-E itself detects the proximity of the key or a compatible smartphone that was previously paired with your FordPass. With the push of a button, the door sprints open a little (40 mm), no idea whether it really works easily in practice. If that still causes problems, you can enter a PIN (emergency) code on the B-pillar to still gain access. With this innovative technology there are many possibilities in the future, such as car sharing or having parcels delivered.

Second interesting finding, the generous amount of interior space! Thanks to the specifically developed EV platform, there is more than enough head / legroom available at the front and rear. The trunk (with fully automatic boot lid) holds 402 liters (up to 1,400 liters) of luggage, and another 83 liters at the front. Here you can store dirty things (shoes, bones, towel, …) and clean them out easily thanks to a drain hole.

Behind the steering wheel there is a compact 10.2 ”digital counter with only the essential (driving) information, the vertically positioned SYNC4 infotainment system (15.5”) offers many more options (including over-the-air updates). For example, based on the personalized keys, you can quickly activate useful preferences such as seat positions, favorite radio stations, mood lighting, air conditioning, navigation destinations, … Strangely enough, it is not cloud-based, so if you want a new Mustang Mach E (or other Ford product with SYNC4) you have to reset everything.

Ford will commercialize the Mustang Mach-E with two battery versions (68 kWh / 420 km range or 88 kWh / 610 km range) and with rear or all-wheel drive (RWD or AWD). The AWD versions have an extra electric motor on the front axle. At the end of 2021, there will be another attractively designed GT top version with 465 hp / 810 Nm and top speed of 200 km / h.

Charging is possible at a traditional socket … but that is not recommended given a charging time of at least 30 hours. It is faster on a Wallbox or a fast charger (up to 150 kW), in ten minutes you create about 100 km driving range with the latter! Ford invested in the IONITY charging station network and can therefore offer fairly competitive (read: low) prices , the first year they also pay the subscription fee (worth 160 euros).

A modern Ford is known for its dynamics and engaged driving, a serious challenge to get that right in this 2,100+ kg Mustang Mach-E. Normally the development of Mustang products is reserved for the American engineers / test pilots, yet our talented compatriots were allowed to take care of the European tuning at the Ford Lommel Proving Ground . And after the previous test drives with the Fiesta ST, Focus ST and Puma, it is more than clear that they do that well.

The Mach-E is equipped with a specific Active (fun), Whisper (boring) & Untamed (party) driving modes, we hope to be able to tell you more about this soon. With the low center of gravity (thanks to the well thought-out EV platform) and instant EV power delivery, expectations are quite high. When things can be a bit quieter with the Mustang Mach-E, you should in theory not use the brake pedal thanks to the adjustable brake energy recovery and the one-pedal-drive principle.

With the start of the new calendar year (2021), the Mustang Mach-E order lines will officially open, but you might want to let your favorite Ford dealer know if you are interested. The applied price/option policy is very clear, with only two option packs and seven body colors in addition to the four possible versions. Presumably to streamline the initial production in the beginning.

The Mach-E RWD will cost you 48,000 euros (Base) or 56,150 euros (Extended), with AWD that becomes 54,950 euros (Base) or 64,425 euros (Extended). The basic equipment seems quite generous with LED headlights, electric QuickClear windscreen defrosting, SYNC4, two charging cables and a lot of driver assistance / safety ( Enhanced Lane-Keeping System, Road Edge Detection, Blind Spot Assist, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control , …).

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