McLaren Unveils Its 2013 Formula One Vehicle

McLaren has unveiled its 2013 Formula One vehicle at the McLaren Technical Center in Woking. The prototype of the P1 Hyper car was also showcased at the event. The Formula One vehicle is known as the MP4 28 and is powered by a Mercedes powered V8 engine. The vehicle was unveiled by drivers Sergio Perez and Jenson Button and like most of the Formula One vehicles launched this year the modifications to this vehicle are just external.

However, McLaren says that there are certain mechanical modifications on the vehicle which are yet to be specified. The vehicle features some aggressive designing changes although just a minor external change would have been enough for the 2012 vehicle, as it was powerful enough to win this season. However McLaren believes in technological modifications and as a result the vehicle was changed from the core.

McLaren will however not sit relaxed during the year as the constructors plan on modifying this vehicle further for the next season. Some of the key modifications that this vehicle has featured include changes to the rear body part and the nose apart from the side pod profiles. McLaren took one of the major steps in 2012 when they did not install the duck bill front finish on their car. The constructors plan on defying the general logic this year too and has opted to go for a sleek front end although initial reports suggest that this vehicle may not be taken to the track.

Insiders are not commenting on this theory as of yet as nothing has been confirmed. However, people sound skeptical as insiders have claimed on more than one occasions that designing and plans are on to check for an upgraded version of the MP4 28.

At Woking, McLaren had a visual treat for its fans in the form of the P1 Hyper car prototype. The Team Principals made their way into the event in a P1 Hyper car prototype and an MP4 12C Spyder. This surely made an impact and both the vehicles look like a Million dollars on the road. The unveiling featured a lot of star power with yesteryear drivers showing up to show their support for the constructors.

McLaren has also completed 50 years in the business and as a result the company will attract a lot of fanfare this season. They seem confident of a title and the drivers look pleased with their vehicle till now. Complications are however expected as McLaren is not ruling out the possibilities of using a new vehicle for racing.

Also on display was the McLaren MP4/4, the Honda powered Formula One car which is also the most successful McLaren Formula One vehicle. The M23, used by Emerson Fittipaldi was also present along with the F1 GTR which won the 24 hours Le Mans race in 1955. On display were the most important achievements made by McLaren in the past five decades and this was one of the biggest collections of Formula One winning cars from the constructors.

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