McLaren MP4-12C – A Tribute, Rebirth of a Legendary Company

The Mclaren, the famous giant sport car producing automotive company after sleeping more than a decade at last introduce the world with their new model this year, a mid-engine car – McLaren MP 4-12C. People welcome it as the rebirth of the automotive company, expecting it to be something special. But something special is not pretty justice for the car.

The Mclaren quote as an historic event, the bible of race-car world is about to be rewritten. The two seated MP4-12C will be the first of its kind on a basis of high performance racing cars by its way of building. Mclaren designed every pieces of the MP4-12C from scratch to entire body, no match for any other cars parts.

The body of the car is a mono-piece sub-176-lb light weight but high strength Carbon MonoCell tub. The heart of the car is newly engineered twin-turbocharged 3.8 liter V-8 engine named the M838T. Engine has a dry sump and a flat crankshaft which allows it to fit the chassis within an extremely short place. The composite cam arrangement along with twin, different valve timing in the intake manifolds gives the engine the desired advantages. The newly designed engine has claimed a horsepower around 600 BHP and 443 lb.-ft. torque with a capability of 8500 rpm. The power-train gives it a top speed of 205 MPH.

The MP4-12C transmission system, a seven speed flawless shift dual clutch gearbox all engineered by Mclaren itself called SSG delivers power to the rear wheels. SSG has three types- high performance, sport & normal in addition to fully automated mode, winter mode and launch control. No manual three pedal gearbox transmission systems are allowed. There are 3 modes can be controlled by the transmission system from the car cockpit.

The suspension of the car, made of twin wishbone features a PCC system which allows for class leading performance with a comfortable class leading ride. Moreover, old anti-roll bars replaced by a new adjustable, fine roll control. It controls the car’s attitude through some arrangement of hydraulic dampers.

Its new brake steer adds force of brake to the inner rear wheel to decrease the power under steer in bends and curvy roads. By assembled the steer brake replacing a heavy mechanical controlled differential, it is made easy to stop the MP4-12C’s rear inside tire to spin on acceleration. In addition to that an airbrake is also equipped in rear, also adds to stop the car in the times of need.

The MP4-12C is decorated with same front tilting as of the legendary Mclaren F1. The cars exterior is a combination of both the Ferrari F430’s and Mclaren F1.This car’s nose is similar to the Ferrari F430’s nose with a side designed same as that of the Mclaren F1. The company made the car’s cockpit as aero-dynamically purposeful & clean as possible. It has marvelous interior, the two passengers sit quite close enough –an attempt to make it sportily narrow to save the car weights. Its button less leather steering wheel adds its interior beauty too.

A source from McLaren confirms a plan of producing one thousand MP4-12Cs in its debutant year. Experts see the MP4-12C model as a tribute of McLaren Automotive, the rebirth of a legendary race-car company.

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