McLaren 650S GT3 racer unveiled at Goodwood Festival

Goodwood Festival of Speed took place in last weekend of June, and it was not all Jaguar and Land Rover over there. McLaren unveiled their new 650S GT3 in this festival and it comes following up a sports car from them, McLaren 650S. From what has been seen of it, 650S GT3 is going to be an amazing on road performer.

Design has been made in a unique way, with many great features on it. What strikes most is a huge wing on the rear portion of the car, with a new diffuser setup that has been added to GT3 as one of its many racing aspects.

There is a standard addition design wise to each and every car built for speed, which are larger intakes. This car is not denied of that. There are parts that are built to improve aerodynamic aspect of design. And then there are the standard carbon fiber aspects such as carbon fiber guards.

Some things are absolutely essential for each and every race car. One of them is safety. So new and advanced braking system is going to be fitted in McLaren 650S GT3. Another important thing is suspension, which is also taken care of here with racing suspension.

Another important thing is a wider base. While 650S already had a big base for any on road car, its racing counterpart has a bit wider base, with an added 52mm. It gives better stability and better control and covers for low ground clearance.

A 12C GT3 was already available in market, and anyone familiar with their power train will know what 650S GT3 packs. There is going to be a twin turbo V8 engine with a capacity of 3.8 liters. Its power output is 367 kW, which is also same as 12C.

This new car is priced at 330,000 pounds, and is by no means an expensive car. It is quite affordable and there is more good news for automobile enthusiasts across the world. For all owners of 12C GT3 there is going to be an option to upgrade to its counterpart of 650S.

This is going to compete in a major competition of 2015, the GT3 championship. There are cars from different major automobile manufacturing brands which will be competing in this category, and McLaren has got its hope high in connection with their latest product. Judging from its feature the hopes are not baseless.

12C GT3 has been a great performer for McLaren in all previous season, and it shares the MonoCell chassis with the latest product from McLaren. So it can be hoped that GT section is receiving yet another high performer and the competition is going to get fiercer as days go by.

Endurance racing has been of prime importance during the design of this car. Part costs have been cut down in order to get a lower overall price, and customer team feedbacks have also been considered while designing it. So McLaren has put in a lot of effort behind it.

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