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Mazda 2 1.3i facelift

In November “a kid” tried to convince us he was the best, equipped with a 1.3 liter gasoline engine in its most powerful version, the 84 horsepower. The unit fits perfectly in the petrol class requirements, offering a small engine, the 1349 cc diesel and it bags quite a decent power, which feels good in the city. Japanese geared engine provides 84 hp at 6000 revolutions and torque of 121 Nm at 3,500 revolutions.

Resources are sent to the front axle and ensures a dynamic movement, at least in the city. The engine feels better when the tachometer needle climbs over 3,000 revolutions, and radiates vitality beyond this limit.

Checked power may seem inappropriate but when the car is loaded with five passengers and a trunk full trips outside localities it’s bringing some laziness to the engine. At higher speeds, acceleration pulses could be without an obvious answer. Gasoline Unit is assisted by a manual transmission with five gears, which incorporates the general features of the other older brothers. We refer here to a short shift, sport and accuracy with which the behavior may change. Without doubt, the gearbox is one of the most important strengths of the combination of propulsion. The sequence of steps will be a treat for everyone, the hand being tempted to stay glued to the heat exchanger.

The 84 horsepower is enough to make the Mazda 2 a dynamic model with decent performance that does not impress, but do not disappoint anyone either. Wanting to be a balanced equation, the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph being achieved in 13.6 seconds. Value does not impress, being lower than those recorded by versions of models like Polo, Colt, Yaris, Fiesta and Clio. Only Opel Corsacan “praise” with a similar value.

In the case of the Mazda 2, the speedometer needle will stop at 106 mph, over speed limits in Europe, a value that will quickly lead the country at any point, if you decide to risk a fine. Compared with rivals in the same class, only the Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2 exceeds Renault Clio.
Tested in 2007 by Belgium’s Euro NCAP, the Mazda 2 has scored a good score. The little Japanese ninja was crowned with five stars for adult occupant protection, four stars for child protection and with just two stars for pedestrian protection.

In the test, Euro NCAP has determined that the safety cell remains intact, the femur and knee and any type of the passengers body is well protected, regardless of size and weight. In the category of passive safety systems remember MAIDAS technology that distributes and absorbs the impact force, belt tensioners , front airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags. The chapter’s active safety, you will find ABS with EBD, traction control system (TCS) and even dynamic stability control system (DCS).

Mazda 2 is trying to raise all its design strenghts. Here, Japanese allowed to implement their philosophy of language, to shape and apply a small scale to ensure a good reception from the public. Japanese mignon look betrays a certain sportiness, without abuse of sharp lines, and heavily contour. Everything is very good and decent ona Mazda 2, any exaggeration of aesthetic being excluded.

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