Maserati has a list of outstanding vehicles lined up for launch

Maserati is all set to roll out its new flagship model – the Quattroporte – with three vehicles being announced simultaneously along with remodeling the current flagship. Maserati also plans on boosting sales up to 50,000 per year by the end of 2015 and this means an eightfold increase since 6,200 units were sold in 2011. The sixth generation of the Quattroporte is set to be launched while the current fifth generation of the vehicle will be scrapped.

Maserati also plans on launching the Ghibli sedan, which will be challenging the BMW 5 Series for the top spot when it launches later in 2013. The Levante SUV was also showcased at the Detroit Auto Show and this vehicle crowns the Maserati lineup as the car makers have never launched an SUV before. The vehicle is expected to hit showrooms fall 2014.

The current model of the Quattroporte features a steel monocoque chassis measuring 5200 mm in length. The new chassis is longer at 5250 mm and is also tighter than its current sibling. The increase in wheelbase directly accounts for more legroom for the rear seat passengers and this is always good news for people planning on buying a premium segment sedan for cruising or family rides.

Maserati has been planning the vehicles intricately and they are focused on selling in the Chinese market which is at a boom at the moment. Maserati’s success in China could very well decide the company’s future and hence the engineers and designers are trying their level best to penetrate deep into the market. Much of the exterior is crafted out of aluminum and the total weight of the vehicle is close to 1990 kg.

This means a 50 kg reduction in weight despite the increase in dimensions. The vehicle is expected to feature a Ferrari made 4.7 liter V8 displacing 453 BHP and this is the very same engine used in the Gran Turismo Super Sports. The engine could be tuned to churn out a massive 523 BHP and could be mated to a seven speed automatic ZF transmission system.

This engine is expected to reduce the current CO2 emission while increasing fuel efficiency and the Quattroporte will be the first vehicle from Maserati to feature a four wheel drive power train system. The company is inspecting the probability of installing a less efficient / more fuel efficient V6 and unturned V8 engine and this is a possibility which is being probed at the moment. This edition of the Quattroporte has been designed as a Maserati-only vehicle and is not expected to be used on any FIAT vehicles, at least in the near future.

The interior has been completely overhauled from the current model of the car and the good news is that, it has been done for the better. The use of high quality wood and leather not only makes this vehicle desirable but also increases its aesthetic value. A majority of the controls are connected to touch screen monitors and this is also a first.

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