Maserati Ghibli to step into the competition

Maserati Ghibli to step into the competition

The competition amongst arch rivals in the automobile industry is not uncommon. Often we see new releases targeted to compete with similar new releases from the competing companies. From this competitions or rivalries, the automobile enthusiasts gain some great cars. In recent times also, this age long trend has continued and the enthusiasts are still gifted with the best quality of cars.

More often than not, the releases of these cars take place in some auto show. The Shanghai Motor Show has been a great place to showcase new cars and that is why it has attracted the famous automobile manufacturing brands from all over the years every year to unveil their masterpieces for the first time in Asia in this motor show.

The Shanghai Motor Show of this year sees a new release from the world renowned automobile manufacturing brand Maserati. The new car from this brand is known as Maserati Ghibli. Hopefully these four door executive saloons are going to be a competition for the BMW 5 Class and the Mercedes E class. The car has been released with a view to bring some variety that the automobile industry has been longing for.

Maserati is an Italian automobile manufacturing brand. While the automobile industry is dominated by German automobile manufacturing brands, this brand has made its own place in manufacturing high speed cars that deliver the adrenaline rush the youth seeks while maintaining the comfort of the ride. The company has high hopes regarding the sales of the car and plans to sell as many as 50,000 cars per year by 2015.

This new car from Maserati is filled with new and exciting features and everything about the car seems to be appealing. Starting with the dimensions of the car, it is 4970 mm long which is the ideal size for a four door executive saloon.

The most important aspect of any car is the engine hidden under the hood. If a car has a good and powerful engine hen automatically the performance and the joy of ride of the car goes up. The new Maserati Ghibli packs a powerful V6 with capacity of 3 litres. This is a turbo diesel engine and is capable of producing very high power. In fact, the power output of this engine is 271 bhp. The torque reduced by the engine is 443 lb ft. These are commendable figures for any car with the dimensions comparable to the Ghibli. The engine is supported by a eight speed automatic transmission system.

This is a very high performance, eco friendly and fuel efficient car. The engine provides great pickup and the time taken by the car to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour is a mere 6.3 seconds. The engine has fuel efficiency of 47 miles per gallon and it emits only 160 gm of CO2 per kilometre.

Many other petrol varieties of the same engine are available in the market. The power output of these engines differ and so does the fuel efficiency and pickup.

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