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Many SUVs and sports news Mercedes-Benz 2017

The product planning for Mercedes-Benz in 2017 is known. It contains re-expansion of the already extensive model range. What about the GLA coupe and a crossover version of the E-Class?

Mercedes-Benz once again expands its huge pool of next year with new models. Especially SUV-like and sports cars there are on the schedule in 2017, according to the statement that all Mercedes-Benz releases are set for the coming year. The most notable addition is the GLA Coupé. Indeed, a compact SUV-coupe. Which does not yet exist and Mercedes-Benz will be the first brand that brings such a model on the market.

The new E-Class is the first one, All-Terrain performance, based on the Estate. This caparisoned version will provide more ground clearance of plastic protective edges and all-wheel drive, so that he can hold his own in the field. That should do the previously announced pickup, which comes on the market mid-2017.

The next year’s sports news includes two models, with the names C GT Coupe and Roadster GT C. It is not yet clear for some models it goes, modified versions of the existing Mercedes-AMG GT or new models that piggyback on the reputation that has built the GT.

In addition to the All-Terrain implementation of the new E-Class also appear next year, the new Coupe and Cabriolet E in showrooms. The latest news is that the flagship of Mercedes-Benz S-Class, gets an update.

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