Lotus Elise emits only 149 g CO2!

Lotus makes the fabric of its revised Lotus Elise. Which emits 16% less CO2 than its predecessor!

This drives the Lotus Elise sports car directly from the title in the least CO2 emissions for its performance. The consumption of 5.04 liters of petrol per 100 km is amazing, this lightweight sports car sprint in 6.5 seconds is at 100 km / h. On a full tank, the Lotus Elise up to 800 km away!

The engine delivers all that work is a 1.6 liter VVT-I engine, which is smaller than the 200cc engine in the Lotus Elise S. Yet he knows as much to generate power. This engine a good performance, not only because of the intelligent composition of the engine, but the car was built as soon as possible. The total weight amounts to 876 kg. The aerodynamics were improved by 4%.

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