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Lincoln Navigator – Rebirth of a Colossus

For those who want a Range Rover or a Bentley Bentayga, Ford’s luxury brand offers a tempting alternative called Lincoln Navigator. Yes, the new generation Lincoln Navigator is more luxurious and refined than before, and it actually deserves to be compared with the British luxury SUV!

The large SUV built on a separate chassis is an American specialty. For years, this segment’s throne was occupied unquestionably by the Cadillac Escalade. The only true rival was Lincoln Navigator, but it has lost ground and some shine, because it was not updated as consistently as the Cadillac model. But now, Navigator claims the standard position of the premium SUV with mammoth stature. And the new generation unveiled in New York enchants through sophistication, design and cutting-edge technologies.

A measure of the new developments is that this model has the bodywork panels of aluminum alloy, which reduced the overall weight by 90.7 kg over the previous model. A greater difference should be made by the twin-turbo V6 engine, 450 hp, mated to an automatic transmission with 10 gears.
Lincoln put greater emphasis on the major leap in connectivity technology, comfort and driving assistance.

Connectivity stands at high levels, WiFi Internet being available as standard. Up to 10 mobile devices can be connected simultaneously to the Internet source. Also the infotainment system, SYNC 3, provides compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On the front seat backrests there is one 10-inch multifunctional touch screen with adjustable tilt – Android devices can connect wirelessly.

However, inside the Lincoln Navigator there are six USB ports, four 12-volt outlets an a 110 volt electrical outlet, and optionally the console between the front seats can be equipped with an inductive charging space (wireless) for the phone.

The new Navigator is able to recognize the driver as he approaches. The car greets him with a light show. First, the logo on the front grille is lighted and then the brand logo is projected on the pavement,. Also, the ignition key memorizes the settings for pedals, seat, mirror, air conditioning and entertainment system, preparing the driver’s favorite settings before he gets behind the steering wheel. This is just one of the comfort feature.

The driver and the front passenger benefit from seats that offer up to 30 settings and have massage function, heating and cooling. Occupants in the second row of seats have their own controls to adjust the climate control and audio system.

Also, passengers in the third row can have electrically operated seats to tilt the seat. The ambient light, panoramic roof and optional audio system, Revel Ultima with 20 speakers, complete the list of features that make the atmosphere in the cockpit more pleasant and refined. The sound insulation was improved in turn, due to the lamination, side windows and the windscreen.

In the trunk there is a special drawer that prevents overturning objects or shopping bags even the tailgate opens when the car is parked on a slope.
An assist system is offered for parallel and perpendicular parking maneuvers, as well as an assist system of handling the car when it is towing a trailer. Last, but not least, four video cameras form a top view of the car, which helps moving the massive SUV in tight spaces.

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