Lexus unveils the all new GS 250 and GS 350

Lexus unveils the all new GS 250 and GS 350

Lexus is offering two all new all wheel drive and rear wheel drive V6 engine powered vehicles in 2013. The 2013 model of the Lexus GS sport sedan offers a variety of innovative features which enhances the overall driving experience of the car. The all new GS 250 and GS 350 models offer an overall better experience in almost all driving conditions.

The cars feature an all new wet multi disk brake system and the car effectively controls the front and rear weight distribution for more power. The power to weight ratio of the car is also set to an optimum limit for increased acceleration.

The new all wheel drive technology has an innovative electronic control system and the car controls features such as throttle angle and driver activity in addition to wheel speed and yaw rate sensors. These features make the GS 250 and 350 unique from the other Lexus models.

The F sport package is available as a standard on the models and the cars draw heavy inspiration from the GS F ultra sports sedan. The design cues taken from these vehicles are obvious and the external designing of both these vehicles is similar to a large extent.

An all new mica blue exterior paint scheme is available as a standard with the F Sports package and the cars feature light weight carbon fiber and aluminum parts on the exterior to get rid of excess weight.
Aiding the cars in their performance is an advanced vehicle dynamics and integrated management system which is designed to monitor the situation at every instance and in case of excessive wheel spin or tire skid, the brake and the throttle acts simultaneously to control the vehicle in all possible conditions.

The drive train conditions are enhanced and the car has an advanced electric power system, braking assistance, electronic brake distribution and an electronic stability control. These features work together to engage maximum output from the engine and provide an overall high engine torque and performance and safety.

The Track off or the VSC drive mode enables full power displacement and the car uses full engine displacement to extract the vehicle from deep snow or mud. The interior has been smartly done and features elegant leather upholstery.

The Sound level of the cabin is controlled with the help of an audio stabilizer which constantly monitors the sound level in the cabin and transmits electronic waves to cancel out other unwanted waves in case of excessive exterior or engine noise in the cabin.

The set of 13 audio speakers from XM Sirius satellite speakers make the cars ideal for relaxation purposes and the automatic sound analyzer maintains different audio levels at different speeds. In addition to these, the cars feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for advanced connectivity.
The cars are GPS enabled and the application manager packs in a lot of recent applications to smooth out life for the users. These vehicles are great for everyday use and provide decent fuel economy. Lexus has managed to hit the jackpot with the launch of the Is 250 and 350.

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