Lexus ready to showcase the all new LS

Lexus launched the first generation LS back in 1989 and ever since; the vehicle has been a part of many major and minor upgrades. However, the actual transformation of the LS came a few years back when the vehicle was transformed from a stretch to the normal sized sedan. Since then the vehicle has found many takers and the popularity of the vehicle has surged. The global financial downfall played its part in further downgrading the market and that did not help Lexus’s cause either.

The all new Lexus LS features a grand total of 3000 changes in the overall vehicle, accounting for both major and minor changes starting from the interior to the exterior. Some of the interior facelifts include an all new dashboard and control panel settings along with a revamped climate control unit. All new petrol V8 have also been installed without the help of any hybrid technology and this is what makes the LS a treat to drive.

However, opting not to go for a hybrid considering the times may look like a sour proposition, however Lexus is confident of selling close to 80 percent of the LS V8 by the end of 2013. The other 20 percent could be the LS 600 h L Hybrid. The figures are approximate and the confidence is due to the fact that Lexus is in touch with most of its former LS V8 owners who would gladly like to upgrade their ride once the vehicle launches.

Most LS owners are not happy with the complexity related to the Hybrid driving system and they prefer a normal V8 and all the thrills and frills associated with it, to a Hybrid. The whole new change is however in the fact that this vehicle comes with an all new LS F Sport technology which makes this vehicle 40 percent more dynamic than its predecessor. This is also poised to increase the sale of the LS 460 by close to 40 percent.

Among the exterior changes, the vehicle features an enhancement in the aerodynamic changes such as the introduction of an all new rear wing and spoiler, LED DRL, new head lamp designs as well as updated graphics. The V8 engine is a killer and displaces 382 BHP at 6400 RPM along with 364 ft lb of torque at 4100 RPM. The V8 is mated to an efficient right speed automatic transmission system and CO2 emission figures are close to 249 g/km and this is mainly due to the absence of a Hybrid technology.

The engine is quite peppy and refined and produces enough power to make the vehicle fun to drive. The refined nature of the vehicle is further effective due to the smooth suspension and transmission system and the vehicle can be revved high without feeling even the minutest of vibrations. Low gear torque formation is quite balanced and as a result driving in city traffic is not problematic as well. Overall, Lexus has done a great job with the all new LS.

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