Lexus CT200h - lead in the segment

Lexus CT200h – lead in the segment

Lexus hybrid car saves on all fronts

With the Lexus 200h CT offers Japanese car brand, the first and only full hybrid vehicle in its class at the finest. Moreover, the thrust of Lexus hybrid car in the premium segment of the European compact class completely unprecedented.

The Lexus CT200h leaves his competitors in the segment of premium compact car in terms of efficiency and environmental performance behind him far behind. The average fuel consumption of 3.8 liters and CO2 emissions of 87 g / km values with which the compact Lexus hybrid car easily established competition in the shade and to set standards far beyond the compact class to transcend: In addition to the outstanding level of consumption among CT200h offers its interpretation as a full hybrid comparable diesel vehicles in nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions significantly through.

Lexus Hybrid Drive stingy in emissions

The new Lexus 200h CT was the Toyota subsidiary decades of experience in the field of alternative drive technology to benefit. At the same time were the Lexus engineers by fine work on the exhaust gas recirculation system to reduce CO2 emissions further still. In this unit, the cooled exhaust gases of the Lexus hybrid precisely metered into the intake out to optimize the combustion process and reduce emissions. In addition, the combustion engine in CT200h with an advanced exhaust heat recovery to the ideal operating temperature more quickly placed, making the development of a cold start exhaust back to.

Four driving modes in the Lexus CT200h

The Lexus 200h CT to these outstanding environmental features to appeal to customers who have a strong environmental consciousness, but not driving culture and are willing to sacrifice comfort. In addition to the sports programs are driving mode, for example, three more to choose from. The normal modes and Eco allow the Lexus hybridvehicle a very relaxed and economical driving. A special attraction is purely electric EV-mode of the CT 200h local emissions and practically silent budged that – another point, the uniqueness of the first Lexus cars in the compact class, highlights the.

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