Lewis Hamilton beats team mate Nico Rosberg in the Spanish Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton pulls a spectacular win over his fellow teammate in the thrilling final minutes of Spanish Grand Prix. Hamilton pulled off this lead victory over his teammate Nico Rosberg. This latest victory of him has put him three points clear off Nico Rosberg in Formula one leaderboard.

The Spanish Grand Prix’s victory was Hamilton’s fourth straight victory in a row, making him all set in to a very top position in the leaderboard. World championship rumble between two team mates, Hamilton as well as Rosberg, is pretty enjoyable for Mercedes team’s members.

Lewis started off a pretty late start than his teammate, Nick, yet finally caught up to him in final minutes, thereby making run for Spanish Grand Prix’s title. This win has put Lewis at top after a span of about two years, that is, after 2012. Spectators got pretty hyped to feel that competitive atmosphere between two team mates.

Rosberg was visibly dejected as he came second after Hamilton once again. His predicament could be well understood. His second best timings were not that good enough to defeat Hamilton.

Later, three time world champion Lauda applauded him for trying very hard to overcome Lewis, and even went on to mention that it is pretty much impossible to beat Hamilton on his best day in circuit. Next league in the world championship proceeds on to Monaco, where a stiff as well as a tough competition is under way between these two players of the same team.

Nico’s efforts were also applauded by Hamilton himself, as he was heard saying that Nico kept on pushing till that last lap. Due to this, both cars were able to perform far better than it had been anticipated. Nico’s push was catalyst to those cars. In those last couple of laps, decisive turn of events were encountered.

This highly competitive racing is usually pretty enjoyable for everyone, and Nico and Hamilton provided exactly the same to all. Whole situation did turn in to a something of a little bit of warfare between two of them. Amidst this highly competitively racing, stiff strategies between the two made all seemingly differences.
Rosberg, after everything ended, was seen stating those obvious facts for his defeat. His poor start, coupled with mid time track problems were his main reasons of defeat, as he stated. This victory of Hamilton was his first victory in Barcelona, along with his 26th victory in his career.

Spanish Grand Prix’s third placed was Daniel Ricciardo, who was quite far from Hamilton, almost a 50 second late. Sebastian Vettel improved his performance by shifting up from 15th to 4th in this run.

As far as this Spanish Grand Prix was concerned, nothing positive came out for managements like Ferrari and McLaren. However, the nail biting finish of Lewis was one of its main highlights, along with that stiff competition between Nico and him. All these activities sums up the Spanish Grand Prix, as all await patiently for Monaco, which is next.

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