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Let the Zombies Come! We Have the Right Cars to Face Them

Here are the seven vehicles that will survive to the end of the world brought on by zombies, robots or Internet meme. They may even allow civilization to be reborn, who knows?

7. Paramount Marauder
Nowadays, Paramount Marauder is a favorite for South African armed forces and those of Azerbaijan, mainly due to the vehicle’s ability to carry heavy loads and to pass over mines without a care. Recently, even video game producers have realized the potential of this car, so it appeared as an optional car in the game “Rocket League”.

6. Cadillac One (Beast)
The US President’s cars proves to be very resistant in very harsh conditions, whether it’s dealing with bombs or bullets, fire or chemical weapons. While great news for a president the driver of such a fireball may have minor reasons to rethink his career, especially if the end of the world is nigh. Then again the Cadillac One will be among the safest place on the roads, so it works put.

5. Toyota Hilux (1988)
A pick-up that is “virtually indestructible” and a recent interpretation of the pick-up Marty McFly in “Back to the Future” was crying after. Some fan see it as being a survivor in case of apocalyptic scenarios.
When buildings collapse around you and the ocean waves have already flooded large areas of land, Toyota Hilux will take you safely inland.

4. Land Rover Defender
Three quarters of Land Rover models manufactured in the last 70 years are still in use. If you are interested in keeping yourself moving in apocalyptic situations you should be at least curious to try such a classic.
The simple design of the original model was used for tow trucks, the military trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, or snow ploughs. Moreover, Land Rover appears in almost all James Bond films.

3. Oshkosh Wheeled Tanker
If your instincts tell you that the apocalypse will hit Earth, and it will resemble the one represented in the series “Mad Max”, this is the vehicle that you need.
Designed specifically for the British Ministry of Defense, the truck looked like it would feel better in the desert where, because of its capacity of over 18,000 liters, it would be ideal for carrying water or any other liquid. It is helped by its off-road tires that cannot be stopped by almost any terrain.

2. Action Mobil Desert Challenger
For those who dream to combine the End of the World with the holiday of their lives, the best choice seems to be Action Mobil Desert Challenger. No doomsday scenario is complete without this eccentric vehicle that seems created from the remains of areas once inhabited strapped on wheels. The car is basically a real home on wheels, eight wheels exactly.

1. Bugatti Chiron
In all the above are too quiet or allow your enemies too close for comfort, consider this: a Bugatti Chiron.
A getaway to 420 km/h does not seem meaningless in extreme situations, and running means living to fight another day.

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