Large software update Tesla, including AutoPilot

Large software update Tesla, including AutoPilot

The upcoming software update 8.0 for the Tesla Model S is called by the carmaker itself “the largest since the introduction of the Model S”. Also extends the AutoPilot.

Several sources report that Tesla in the coming weeks a new software update, “version 8.0,” rolls out. This happens automatically with all Model S instances, the cars do not do to the garage. The company itself speaks of the ‘most significant update to the touchscreen since the introduction of the Model S in 2012.

The interface between automotive technology and user – display behind the wheel – is reclassified. The image of Tesla with the cars around it will no longer be limited to cars coming from behind but users view the movement in any direction in which they move. Other redesigning the way navigation maps can be viewed, a convenient voice control and media player. New features are added, such as routing based on the remaining power in the battery pack.

The most significant update to the touchscreen since the introduction of the Model S in 2012


Besides getting the AutoPilot (semi-self-propelled technology in the Model S) new features. At motorway exits will now automatically off-disas- ter feature available with which the Tesla stay away from the slope. This activates automatically when the right turn signal is used.

Since Tesla’s AutoPilot self-learning is to be implemented, improvements in the update based on the more than two hundred million kilometers have now been completed with AutoPilot. Thus, the tendency to ride now been eliminated from the unintended exits.

Currently, Tesla’s AutoPilot in the spotlight since last week it was announced that the first fatal accident occurred, with the self-propelled technique. Although the number of accidents with self-propelled vehicles is low in relation to vehicles that are completely controlled by humans, examines how such an accident can be prevented in future.

Hands on the wheel and watch

Tesla, however, stressed that in the 8.0 update AutoPilot still a ‘bèta’- (pilot) is version. This means that drivers still need to keep their hands on the wheel and should remain particularly careful. So do not watch Harry Potter video, as stated on the deceased driver.

Only when AutoPilot 2.0 the drivers’ opinion would appear to be adjusted. AutoPilot 2.0 will get new hardware including: a new Sensor Set for advanced (semi-) autonomous driving. It is still unclear when this place will find.

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