Lamborghini comes with a super model in 2013?

Lamborghini comes with a super model in 2013?

There is already a hot insider around on the internet, so in 2013 Lamborghini would appropriately celebrate its fiftieth anniversary …

We can begin countdown to 2013, as there is the Italian manufacturer of sports cars – and tractors – 50 years and is an appropriately celebrated with how could it be otherwise, a supercar. When in the past 25 candles were blown out, there was a special edition of the Countach finished in 2003 saw the 40th Anniversary Murcielago was born.

With the recent Sesto Elemento concept and the rumors of a production version thereof, which might well be the street legal version anniversary model in question can be. Or finally Estoque which goes into production? Anyway, anyway it is a birthday to look forward to. Lamborghini’s future looks good, so we get next year in Geneva, the official unveiling of the LP700 , in 2012, the successor of the Gallardo on the scene, and in 2013 we hope, reason to celebrate. We look forward to it!

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