Kia Launches a Teaser Image of its Latest Production Vehicle

Kia plans on launching a new sports car at Detroit next month and this four seated sports car was recently teased by the company. This is also the first previewed images of this vehicle although nothing about it has been revealed till date. Kia has been probing market situations for quite some time now and post 2012, its sales figures have increased. This as a result has encouraged Kia to look at newer options.

The latest vehicle has a basic 2 + 2 seating layout while superb exterior looks along with massive performance and fun to drive feel will make this car one of a kind, if insiders are to be believed. Kia is further fine tuning this vehicle to make it suitable for both track and street use and this should be a first considering none of their vehicles are actually known for performance.

This vehicle has been designed at Kia’s Design Studio at California while its unique 4 seated option was made keeping in mind weight issues. This vehicle can be used for daily commuting as well as on pleasure runs. Hence, a small, maneuverable and light weight machine was what Kia had in mind. Without a proper proto type in place, it would be difficult to understand basic features about this vehicle.

Kia is looking to expand and various ideas have been in mind for long. However, not all of them were practically viable hence Kia decided to go for what seemed to be the most likely of options. A wide variety of vehicles is what Kia really wants to offer now although they do not have the means to invest in every direction as of now. We could however be looking at such a lineup in the future.

Hyundai is moving forward and working on its fluidic car designs and Kia should borrow design trends periodically even though no such plans are currently under way. This is known as the Fluidic 2.0 design which has been used on the 2015 Genesis. Kia however has managed to set up a design sample of its own.

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