KIA Brought to SEMA Four Interesting Autonomous Concepts

KIA Brought to SEMA Four Interesting Autonomous Concepts

Although autonomous driving is meant to replace the driver on monotonous and boring travels, for the first time an auto manufacturer combines autonomous driving technology with tuning and an active way of life!
KIA believes that autonomous driving can be fun revealing four autonomous concepts at the exhibition at the SEMA Show, which demonstrates how you can blend an active mode of life into the upcoming age of autonomous vehicles.

Soul First Class
This concept is autonomous, lacking a steering wheel with only two seats positioned facing against the direction of movement. These two seats offer perfect comfort, as well as imitating first class on an airplane and an ambience that provides an interior similar to a living room, thanks to floor made of wood and a huge 40-inch Samsung LED TV connected to a Mac mini computer. The stylish exterior is spiced with Monoblock Rotiform CCV 19-inch rims and painted PPG Lux Blue.

Niro Triathlon
This autonomous concept is dedicated to athletes who practice triathlon. Training for this sport is very demanding and after training you need to relax. Thus, the Niro Triathlon hybrid SUV is the perfect vehicle that can carry the necessary equipment, including bicycles located in the back.
When the athlete sets to ride his bicycle the car will drive in front on a default route, providing directions with LED bookmarks and a tablet placed in the back on which the athlete will be able to track distance, time and speed.

At the end of training, which includes running and swimming, the athlete can cool off with a shower and can relax in the only seat in the interior, while the car is driving home. Other changes also include doors that open through lateral sides without a central pillar, suspension that lowers ground clearance by 50 mm, and 18-inch wheels.

Sorento Ski Gondola
This SUV was created to carry four passengers in comfort and warmth on the top of a mountain. Like the Niro concept, it has doors that open through lateral sides without central pillars to facilitate access to the interior. The skis can be fastened on the roof rack.
Inside, there is only one tablet through which passengers will be able to give commands to the autonomous SUV. On the outside it looks really impressive thanks to the Dominator Rubber Tracks crawlers installed instead of wheels, LED bars, and special color PPG Silver Metallic. A perfect vehicle for skiers and for those who practice snowboarding!

School of Rock Sedona
This Sedona was transformed into a mobile autonomous studio, which lacks interior seats and oversight bodies, being equipped with a mixed system, two monitors, a microphone and even a guitar, while a set of drum is located on the roof. The interior is covered with foam insulation panels and on the floor is a soft carpet bedding, on which you can sit in rehearsal or record.

Created with the support of those from the School of Rock, this autonomous MPV is a perfect vehicle for the modern hipster. On the outside it is distinguished by stylish airbrushing and 20-inch wheels Vossen VFS-6.

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