Jeep unleashes the Dragon – 2014 Wrangler Dragon Edition

The incredible Wrangler Dragon which was firstly released on the Chinese market, at the 2012 Beijing Autoshow, is going to become a production car and is meant to hit the North American market first.

Although is going to be released as a production car, the 2014 Wrangler Dragon Edition will definitely keep the exclusiveness given by the fact that it was once released as limited edition. The upcoming model includes a couple of fresh features although the overall design has been mainly kept.

With the Bronze Satin Gloss touch on the shiny black font, the 2014 Wrangler Dragon Edition looks quite exclusive and smooth just like its predecessor. The impressive, tough body reminds of specific characteristics of Jeep which have been included in all the models released so far as a way of preserving tradition.
The Dark Charcoal dragon symbol featured all over the body of the car is easy to be distinguished and it represents exactly what makes this Wrangler a “Dragon Edition”.

Some of the modifications regarding the exterior design include an entire new set of 18 inch matte black alloy wheels which feature the same touch of the elegant shade Bronze satin Gloss on the outer edge.

Black and bronze mix of shades has been chosen for the interior in order to match the Dark Charcoal Dragon on the outside. The Satin Bronze Dragon can be considered and overall, main theme as it is also present on the center console armrest, bolster surfaces and steering wheel.

The panel has also been designed in the glossiest shade of black and the passenger side dashboard together with the steering wheel spokes will feature a smooth Satin Bronze trim. A bit unexpected is the bronze shade on the floor mats but combined with the dragon graphic it does makes sense and looks quite interesting.

Just like the special edition model release one year ago, the upcoming model of the Wrangler Dragon will be powered by a 3.6, V6 engine which will be able to deliver 284 horsepower and 256 pound-feet of torque. The engine is combined with a five speed automatic transmission which makes the vehicle able to reach up to 60 mph in just 7 seconds, also being able to reach a top speed of 130 mph.

Enthusiastically waited by the dealers and Jeep fans at the same time, the 2014 Wrangler Dragon Edition will hit the American market at the end of this fall with a starting price of $36,095. Quite a good price if we take into account the fact that it has been a limited edition just one year ago.

The main competitor of the 2014 Wrangler Dragon is the Toyota FJ Cruise which features a 4.0 liter V6 engine and 260 hp. So, almost the same power figures.
Being brought to the American market, we can actually say that the Wrangler Dragon has gone international if we consider the fact that it has been launched so far on the Chinese market and it is going to be released on a totally contrasting market this fall.

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